Instaclear Sheet Masks Review

Now, it is no secret that I am a big fan of sheet masks. They are quick, easy to apply (in most cases) and less messy than your usual face masks. However, I am also aware that there are hundreds to choose from, all claim to do different things and it can sometimes be rather overwhelming… how long is too long to spend trying out numerous sheet masks before you find the ones that you actually love?! There are so many that promise multiple differences to your skin, however it is fair to say that I have tried many in the past that do not give me any results. I am left thinking how I just spent the last 20+ minutes letting the magic sink into my skin, only to peel the film off and not notice any changes. It has sometimes left me feeling sceptical about sheet masks… do they just look good for Instagram? Does the product actually sink into the skin or just dry up on the sheet? Finally, the big question… How much of each ingredient is actually saturated into the sheet mask, is it enough to even see results on my skin?

So, when the Instaclear Control Facial Sheet Masks from Procoal arrived in the post, I was excited to try them as I had never tried a charcoal sheet mask before. Although it is fair to say I still had these questions in the back of my mind, but forever the skincare fanatic, I still couldn’t wait to test these on my skin. I have also used these consistently to ensure that I was getting the best results and could give a truthful, accurate review!


Let’s talk ingredients, these sheet masks contain some of my holy grail ingredients that I always look out for. Number one being salicylic acid. However, this is a natural form derived from botanical extracts, therefore you are getting the benefits of the exfoliation without the irritation that can sometimes come with the use of acids. I always say that one of the main ways I prevent breakouts is through my use of acids. Whether it be glycolic, lactic, salicylic (the list goes on!) they just work for my skin and ensure it stays clear. So I was hopeful to see that these masks contained that wonder ingredient. They are also free from parabens, silicones, minerals and paraffin.

However, the main benefit of these masks which is the answer to my most troubled question (the one about the quantity of ingredients) is that each sheet mask contains 25g of serum. In ONE sheet mask! The moment I took it out the packet I could see that the whole mask was saturated in product. I applied it to my skin and could feel that it was completely covered, as well as having enough for my neck and decoletee, something that I always try to ensure I do with my masks. I waited around 20 minutes before I removed the mask and there was still product left on my skin! Enough to massage in and reap the benefits even further.


Once I had let it all soak into my skin I was really happy with the results and the way my skin looked. I have some areas of redness that I found had calmed down, my skin felt so smooth, it looked radiant and my skin tone looked even. I know that is rather a lot of comments to make about this one little sheet mask but honestly they were my genuine thoughts, it most definitely lives up to its Instaclear name! One of the other big benefits that I found from using these masks was that my skin remained clear for a long while, no breakouts surfaced and it stayed smooth. I always think that although a sheet mask that gives instant results is great, the real winners are the ones that can be used as preventative measures.

*I was kindly sent the Instaclear Control Facial Sheet Masks to try out by Procoal but you can be sure that all opinions and thoughts are my own!