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Must Have Skincare For Summer

Nadia CurtisComment
Must Have Skincare For Summer

In this post I am going to be mentioning the skincare saviours that will be helping your skin this Summer for the ultimate dewy glow, so you can wake up looking fresh faced… after all, we can’t all wake up in the Maldives!

I often mention the importance of SPF, and this post is no exception but if you would like to see the SPF products that I would recommend for the summer then you can find it on the homepage. Some of the products that I mention in this post contain acids and it is therefore vital that you are applying SPF, I want to mention that right from the beginning!


Alpha H Liquid Gold

A few months ago, I uploaded a post on here about this brand and the things that I purchased from the range. The collection that I bought unfortunately didn’t work for my skin and I had to stop using it. However, that was all worth it because without buying that collection, I wouldn’t have come across this hero. (You have to kiss a few frogs right?!) This product contains 5% glycolic acid and it works as an overnight treatment, causing you to wake up with smooth, glowy skin. It honestly feels like I’ve had a luxurious facial whilst I’m sleeping and the more I use it, the more I love the results. It eradicates dead skin cells and reveals the healthy, new skin cells that lye underneath. It also deeply cleanses the pores and helps to improve the appearance of pigmentation and acne scarring overtime. I pretty much use it every other night after cleansing, I just apply it to a cotton pad and saturate my skin with it! However, when you are just starting to use it, it’s best to use it once a week for 3-4 weeks until your skin gets used to the strength of the product. Like I said, it’s extremely important to apply SPF the next day after using this product and then continue to use it thereafter! This one most definitely deserves all the five star reviews and awards it gets.


Evolve Organic Beauty Hyaluronic Seru


I recently started using this product a few weeks ago and haven’t stopped since. If I ever forgot to apply a skincare product, it would always be a serum. However, since this came into my skincare routine, that is no longer a problem. I apply it after toning and before moisturising and SPF and it really does make such a difference. It makes my moisturiser look more dewy and it makes my skin glow through makeup. I apply it morning and night and I honestly think that this product is really well priced, especially when you compare it to other hyaluronic serums. I wanted to mention this one because I haven’t stopped using it and I also love it for those no makeup days as it still gives your skin radiance.


Vichy Double Glow Peel Mask

I love the results that this face mask has on my skin. It makes it look radiant and really clean and refreshed. I like using it before bed and waking up with luminous skin. I love this one for summer because its so cooling and soothing on the skin, which is what you want when the sun comes out! It has a jelly like consistency and you can feel it working when it’s applied, which I look for when trying out different face masks. It contains fruit acid AHA’s which help to exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells. If you feel that you prefer a product that can come off after a few minutes and isn’t so intense as the Liquid Gold I mentioned above, then maybe give this one a try!


Beauty Pie Serum-Infusion Biocellulose Sheet Mask

A few weeks ago, I uploaded a Beauty Pie haul post which you can check out here and also keep an eye on my YouTube channel because I am uploading my review on those products very soon! However, I wanted to feature this one in this post as it’s my favourite product out of the things I bought and I am surprised by the results every time I use it. This is the first sheet mask that I have used where I see the results not only instantly, but also the next day and so forth. It lifts the skin, gives it a dewy glow and makes pores look refined and smooth. Also, the serum that is used in this mask is so nourishing and of a high quality, I always cover my skin with the remaining serum once I have removed the mask and it makes the results even more noticeable. Beauty Pie have also just released eye masks in this range so I can’t wait to get my hands on those!


St Tropez Purity Bronzing Water Face Mist

I’m mentioning this one because I’m obsessed and I just know its going to be a summer staple for me this year! I was sceptical about buying this as I feel that it is quite pricey and I wasn’t sure if it was a bit of a gimmick. However, in the end, I’d heard so many good things I felt I had to take the plunge. Firstly, I need to mention the smell. It smells INSANE, it smells like summer and has a really tropical scent and there is no biscuity smell that you usually get from tanning products! I feel that if your main priority is super dark, quick tanning then you may want to opt for a different product because with this one, I found, that to see a dark tan, you need to use it a few times, it is super natural. However, if your main priority is to glow and for a product to make your skin look healthy and alive without makeup, then this is most definitely for you. The reason I love it is because you can apply it under or over makeup throughout the day and it still works, without ruining your makeup! Also, it is so hydrating so perfect for summer and I just think it is so convenient and easy to use. There is also no transfer and no streaks, I’ve now got my eye on the body mousse!


I hope you enjoyed reading this post and seeing what products I am enjoying using as it gets hotter!

Hope to see you back soon,

Nadia X