Top Five Tips To Avoid Breakouts

Top Five Tips To Avoid Breakouts

Breakouts are something that many people struggle with and it can affect your confidence massively. Whether it’s due to hormones, diet or maybe you’ve just had a really stressful week, a breakout will always occur at some point. However, I’m doing this post to give my advice on how to make them occur less frequently, I will also be doing one on how to make it that little easier to handle when they do occur, so keep an eye out for that!

As much as we all know drinking more water and eating healthily does really help with avoiding breakouts and having clear skin, I’m writing this post from a skincare perspective and things that you can do specifically to your skin!



This is an obvious one but I will never stop shouting about it as I honestly believe this was the reason I managed to avoid a lot of breakouts through school and continue to do so now. I can confidently say I have never gone to sleep with my makeup on (apart from that one time which we won’t talk about because my skin was terrible for about a week afterwards… no joke!) From the first moment I put makeup on my face in my teens, I knew that if I was going to start wearing it the rule was I had to ensure I took it all off each night.

Every morning and night I cleanse, tone and moisturise my skin and every other evening I will use something like a glycolic acid, face scrub or face mask. Exfoliators are great because they eradicate the dead skin cells and build up that can cause breakouts, glycolic acid and AHA’s are also good for resurfacing the skin. If I have been out or wore heavy makeup in the day, I will always do a double cleanse. Now I understand that there are people that don’t have the time for a lengthy skincare routine but taking your makeup off and using a moisturiser afterwards doesn’t have to take long. I guarantee if you don’t do this already and you decide to start, you will see a difference within a week. You can check out my blog posts here on my favourite high end and drugstore cleansers!



Bare with me on this one…

We all know that it’s important to wash our hands when we get home, whether that’s from being outside, at work or on the tube, it’s the basic thing we do to feel cleaner. However, I think there is a strong connection between touching your face and getting breakouts. I tend to touch my face without even realising, especially around my chin, and you guessed it, my most common area for breakouts is my chin. Therefore, I always try and make an effort not to touch my face. However, this is obviously something that you can do without even realising so at least if you’re doing it, it may not be as bad if your hands are clean! Connected to this is cleaning your phone screen… our phones contain so much bacteria and we are touching them constantly. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that this bacteria transfers to your skin when you answer the phone, so cleaning your phone screen with an antibacterial wipe regularly could make a small difference to something we do daily!



This is something that none of us really look forward to doing and I’m not scared to admit that I definitely don’t clean my own makeup brushes as much as I probably should. However, when I do them, not only does my makeup go on better and look smoother, I find that my skin thanks me for it. I usually have a rough idea when I need to clean them and if I don’t I will sometimes get random breakouts around certain areas, that is most likely due to a build up of makeup on my sponge and brushes! Another thing that I love using are these makeup brush cleansing wipes as you can do this after each time you do your makeup, it only takes a second but avoids makeup build up.



Now I know there are a lot of people out there that don’t believe in primers and believe they are a gimmick. However, I am not one of those people… I am the one that swears by my collection of primers and wouldn’t quite know how to start my makeup without them! Not only do I love them because they help my makeup stay in place, I believe that they help prepare my skin effectively for makeup application and also are the item of makeup that I believe actually ‘cares’ for my skin. I think that if you have a proper skincare routine before makeup, including using a primer before foundation, the does make a difference to how your skin looks, feels and how your finished makeup look appears.



I believe that if you have a suitable and thorough skincare routine both before and after makeup application, it will have little negative impact on your skin. However, it never hurts to have a day off, does it? I always try and make Sunday my makeup free day to yes, you guessed it, ‘let my skin breathe’. However much I’m not a fan of that saying, there does come a point at the end of the week where I feel like my skin could do with a break from makeup and be lavished with a day of skincare instead!


I hope you enjoyed reading this post and found it helpful!

Hope to see you back soon,

Nadia X