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Nivea Urban Detox Masks

Nadia CurtisComment
Nivea Urban Detox Masks

This post is going to be all about the quick and easy face masks that I have been using over the last few months to give my skin a speedy pick me up. I was kindly given these by Nivea (you can see my unboxing here) and I have loved them ever since. I wanted to feature them on my blog because there is a mask for every skin type and they are also made with the busy person in mind who doesn’t necessarily have the time to sit for 20 minutes to see results from a mask!


When it comes to face masks, everyones skin type is obviously different and therefore has different needs and results that they require from a mask. I love that this range caters for every skin type and recognises that it is important to have a face mask for everyone. They are also really reasonable and they last a long time. Although they are one minute masks, I usually leave mine on for around five minutes, just to ensure that they are really working on my skin but I love how convenient they are. Also, it’s really handy that they come in a tube so make minimal mess!


“I love that this range caters for every skin type.”


 The first one, which is my personal favourite, is the Purify mask. This contains white clay and magnolia extract and is perfect for oily or combination skin types. I use this one the most because I feel it works best with my skin and is a really good mask to refresh and detox the skin. I also love this because it acts as an exfoliant when you add water to wash it off, the clay softens and then you can rub the excess in circular motions, before washing it off, to eliminate any dead skin and brighten the complexion.



This one is the Pore refine mask which is a self heating formula when it comes into contact with the skin. It contains magnolia extract and I love applying this to my nose to really feel like my pores have been cleansed and tightened. I really like the fact that it is a self heating formula so you can feel it working, but also I like that it doesn’t make my skin feel dry and uncomfortable, just tightens the pores which is what you want from this type of mask!



This is the Moisture mask and is perfect for those with dry skin or someone who feels that they need to give their skin some nourishment, especially after a sunny day when your skin can feel dehydrated. This contains green tea and hyaluronic acid (one of my favourite ingredients!) and it actually feels really cooling when you apply it, which is another reason why it acts great as an ‘after sun’ treatment. The hyaluronic acid will also really help to lock in the moisture.


One thing I love about these masks is how versatile they are and how they all work together. I love to multi mask with these… I usually apply the purify to my oily areas, so my chin and forehead, the pore refine to my nose and the moisture to my cheeks and all over my neck. Once I have done this, my skin always feels like it has been thoroughly cleansed and refreshed and each area of my skin feels like it has been treated suitably.


I hope you enjoyed reading this post and seeing how I like to use the Urban Detox masks!  

Hope to see you back soon,

Nadia X