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Favourite Cleansers (High End)

Nadia CurtisComment
Favourite Cleansers (High End)

Cleansers are a beauty product that are probably the most popular and frequent in a skincare routine. They are easy to use, they can be applied to the skin in the morning in the shower, in the evening to cleanse the skin and remove makeup but ultimately they are quick and affordable, especially compared to some other skincare products. However, people still question whether they are worth spending money on as they don’t necessarily sit on the skin and they get washed down the sink pretty quickly, therefore, many still opt for a simple bar of soap. (Please don’t do this… there is always a cleanser out there for you!) This post is going to focus on my top five high end cleansers and I will upload part two very soon on my top five drugstore cleansers!

The thing that I think is so great about a trusty cleanser is that they vary in price and you can get some really effective ones that are very affordable (the drugstore sell some really lovely cleansers!) Also, you can get different ones to suit your skin type, skin concerns and also in different formulas, depending on what you prefer using on your skin. Cleansers are a vital product to have in your skincare routine and usually are the first step… if you don’t use a cleanser then clearly this will massively effect the results of the other products you are using.

I always cleanse twice a day, once in the morning and once at night but my night time cleanse tends to be slightly more thorough and takes a lot longer! I use two different cleansers for morning and night and I love using cleansing melts and balms in the evening as I feel they remove my makeup the most effectively. My morning cleanse is important because it gets my skin clean and ready for the day, creates a good base for makeup, making sure any product from the night is removed and also any excess sebum, not to mention it also wakes me up and makes my skin feel more revitalised! My night time cleanse is a part of my skincare routine that I thoroughly enjoy doing and I usually take time doing (maybe too long!) However, I think that this is the most important cleanse of the day as it removes every trace of makeup and oil that has been on my face  throughout the day and it gets my skin ready for  my night time skincare routine, ensuring that I get the best results from products used overnight. I also think that it helps relax me and wind down from the day, whilst also signalling that it is soon time for bed.


Clarisonic Aria Sonic Cleansing Brush


So I just wanted to start by mentioning my Clarisonic which I have had for a few years now and if I stop using it, it doesn’t take me long to start again. I feel like this product is definitely worth the money and it really does change the way I cleanse my skin. It takes the word ‘cleanse’ to a different level and I believe it makes my cleansers work to the best of their ability. It’s so simple to use but I always notice a difference when I am using it regularly and I feel that it is a must have if you are someone who loves to wear makeup regularly, believe me when I say after you’ve used this there will not be an inch of makeup left on your skin!



Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish

I have done a whole blog post dedicated to this cleanser and how I use it as my love for it continues to grow! Some people may say this is a drugstore cleanser as you can buy it from Boots but I’m classing it as high end because it is more pricey than the other drugstore cleansers I am going to feature.

I love this cleanser because it works perfectly on my skin and just never lets me down. When I am going through a ‘bad skin’ phase or having numerous breakouts this always sorts my skin out for the better and regulates it, sending it back to normal in no time. It smells gorgeous and is lovely to use before bed as it has a very calming, soothing scent. I also love the pump so you can control exactly how much product you wish to use and it really does melt my makeup off effortlessly… including eye makeup (with absolutely no stinging!)



Charlotte Tilbury Multi Miracle Glow 

I adore this cleanser, as you can see I have completely run out and am definitely going to be purchasing another one at some point in the near future! Firstly, the smell is insane! It smells so luxurious and heavenly. I also love the packaging, as with all Charlotte Tilbury products, and love that the cleanser is pink (it’s the little things!) However, this cleanser is no joke. It is an intense balm and literally melts into your skin. I would find this too heavy for my combination skin to use in the morning but for evenings it is perfect and removes every trace of makeup. The thing I love this cleanser for and what really makes it stand out from the rest is that it is also a balm and can be used as an overnight mask. I have done this many times and I wake up with my skin feeling super soft and glowy, making it the perfect base for makeup. I also use this on my elbows and knees when they feel really dry. I know that this is pricey for a cleanser but it lasts for such a long time and is more than just a cleanser, you can use it for a multiple of things and it really does feel like you are giving your skin a ‘treat’ which we all deserve!



Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm

This is a cleanser that I have been using quite recently, the one I have is in the mini size but it actually lasts such a long time and I think that it’s a good way to try out the product before you go in and buy the full size! I really enjoy using this cleanser in the evenings to effectively take off my makeup or to just nourish my skin ready for bed. I do find that this is quite an oily cleanser and so I wouldn’t be using this in the mornings. However, for night time I love using balm cleansers that turn into an oil as I feel that they intensely treat my skin and you get the full benefit of them when you can take time cleansing your face, rather than doing it quickly in the morning! I also really like the cloth that comes with this cleanser as it isn’t too harsh on the skin and they work perfectly together!



Clarisonic Deep Pore Daily Cleanser

This is a product that I have used for a very long time and I always use it first thing in the morning when I am in the shower, just as a simple face wash to wake my skin up and get it ready for the day. It always makes my skin feel really clean and removes all the products that I may have used overnight. It has a gentle foaming effect and is a really lovely gel like texture which is cooling on the skin. I also love that it doesn’t feel like I am drying my skin out or ‘stripping’ it of its natural oils.



Pai Skin Brightening Exfoliator

So this one is more of an exfoliator but I wanted to add it in because I usually use it as an extra step after cleansing for a more intense cleanse or, if I haven’t been wearing makeup that day, I will use just this as my cleanser. I love that you can use this dry on the skin for a more intense exfoliating effect or with warm water as a milky exfoliator which is more suited for every day. I love that this turns into an oily texture when it comes into contact with the skin and I really do feel that it gets rid of all the dead skin cells, showing the glowy, radiant skin that lies underneath.


So those are my favourite high end cleansers to use! I hope you enjoyed reading this post, if you did make sure you keep an eye out for my drugstore version! You can check out my YouTube channel if you would like to see more from me and also my Instagram if you would like to see what I have been loving from day to day!


Hope to see you back soon,

Nadia X