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Favourite Cleansers (Drugstore)

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Favourite Cleansers (Drugstore)

So here is ‘part two’ of my ‘Favourite Cleansers’ post! If you want to see part one, which was focusing on high end cleansers and explains why I feel cleansers are so important, you can find it on the homepage! This one has a much shorter introduction as I thought I would just get straight into it as the last one was quite lengthy! Keep reading if you would like to know what cleansers I love that are rather affordable!


Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

I wanted to start with this micellar water as I always use it before I go in with my cleansers, it helps to ensure that all my makeup is taken off properly and allows the cleanser to work more efficiently on the skin, as it hasn’t got the barrier of makeup and different products to work through! I love using this as it is so easy to just place onto a cotton pad and is very gentle on the skin. I use the combination and sensitive skin one as I feel that it refreshes and suits my skin type.



Nip + Fab Glycolic Cleansing Fix

I am a fan of many Nip + Fab products as I think, especially when they are on offer which happens quite frequently, you get very good skincare for an affordable price. I love their Glycolic range, I am a frequent user of the Overnight Glycolic Fix and I think that these two make the perfect pair! I feel that glycolic products work really well on my skin and often prevent me from getting breakouts. I really enjoy using this in the evening to make my skin feel super clean and I feel that it almost gives my pores a tightening effect. It’s quite a strange texture, almost like a runny gel, but it is very cooling on the skin. My face always feels so smooth after I have used this… I have recently finished my other bottle so this is a new one!



Simple Hydrating Cleansing Oil

I had to feature this cleansing oil as, although I may not reach for it as much as my other cleansers, I think it is very affordable and is really effective in removing makeup. This is perfect for those with dry skin, I have used it more in the winter months and it really does make my skin feel nourished without being too heavy or greasy. I always tone thoroughly once I’ve used this cleanser, just to ensure that all the oil is removed, but I love using it in the evenings as it’s rather relaxing and is really nice to use to give a mini massage to your skin as part of your cleansing routine!



Soap and Glory Vitamin C Facial Wash

I have used various Soap and Glory products throughout the years and it’s a brand that I always seem to end up having in my bathroom! The pretty packaging is just a bonus but always stands out for me! I love using this vitamin C cleanser in the mornings, I reach for it almost everyday in the shower and it really wakes up and refreshes my skin. I also love the scent and this bottle has lasted me such a long time, and I use a fair amount of product! It is described as a ‘daily detox’ and I would definitely agree with this. It invigorates my skin and I also love that it has little pink balls in it as I feel they have a very gentle exfoliating effect.



Soap and Glory Scrubatomic Daily Face Polish


When I started wearing makeup, this cleanser was my favourite one to use and I purchased it again a few weeks ago and remembered why I loved it so much! Some may say it is more of an exfoliator but I would say that it is a cleanser because it is gentle enough to use every day and they describe it as a ‘daily face polish’. I would definitely agree that it is like a polish because it makes my skin feel squeaky clean and smooth! I used to love this so much because I felt that it really did ensure that I had no makeup left on my face after cleansing and I have now fallen in love with it all over again!


So they are my favourite drugstore cleansers, I hope you enjoyed reading this post!


Hope to see you back soon,

Nadia X