Current Top Five Hair Products

Current Top Five Hair Products

In case you haven’t guessed by the title, this blog post is going to be all about my current favourite hair products! When I say favourites… I really do mean it! If I ever feature anything on my blog that is a review, you can be sure that I have tried and tested it consistently. If I haven’t tried a product or I have only just purchased it, I will make this clear, I promise!


Dove Glowing Ritual Shampoo and Conditioner, £3.50 each


I have been using this shampoo and conditioner for a few weeks now and I am really enjoying it. It is one of the few hair products that I apply and can still smell the scent at the end of the day. The scent is pink lotus and it just smells really clean and beautiful for Spring. The conditioner also nourishes the ends of my hair and they are also really affordable which is a bonus!


L’Oreal Dream Lengths No Haircut Cream, £5.99


I am a big fan of the Dream Lengths range but this has been my favourite product. I love that it provides heat protection and it also smells gorgeous. I always apply it before drying my hair, after I have washed it and it makes my hair super soft and smooth. It has also lasted such a long time!


IGK Thirsty Girl Coconut Milk Leave-In Conditioner, £24

I have been using this alternatively with the above and I have loved using this for summer prep. It smells like I’m on holiday and I love that it is coconut milk so is super nourishing for the hair! It’s in a really handy spray can so you can control how much product you use and after I’ve applied it I sometimes just let my hair dry naturally and it gives waves, creating true beach vibes!


L’Oreal Stylista The Beach Wave Mist, £5.99

Talking of beach vibes… this is going to be my Summer saviour! Firstly, I love the packaging! This gives your hair a lot more texture and you can just scrunch your hair and it gives lovely tousled waves, like you’re fresh out of the sea (without the sand tangling up your tresses!) This also works well on wet or dry hair so whether you’re applying it in the comfort of your own home or on an exotic holiday destination far away, this will help with mermaid hair you desire!


Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Overnight Serum, £35.90


I was kindly gifted this by Look Fantastic and I am obsessed. I literally have not stopped using it since I received it about two months ago and I haven’t even ran out yet. I apply it to the ends and lengths of my hair every night and it smells so luxurious but also makes my hair feel like it’s had a proper treat! It is quite a pricey product but I really think it is worth the money if you want to protect your hair between haircuts and give it an overnight treat.


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Hope to see you back soon,

Nadia X