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Charlotte Tilbury

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Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury, I’m obsessed. A brand that defines luxury, both to look at and to work with on the skin. As I’ve mentioned previously, a big factor for me when contemplating my favourite brand is the message behind it and usually the person that is also behind it, because after all, without them, the brand wouldn’t exist. Charlotte Tilbury aims to make everyone feel the best and most beautiful version of themselves. It is a brand that has just rocketed and everyone goes crazy for, whether its due to the flawless finish that the Magic Foundation gives, the red carpet worthy contour from the Filmstar Bronze and Glow or even just the gorgeous, gold packaging that is instantly recognisable and looks effortlessly stylish on every dressing table. However, for me, it’s a little more than that.

“A big factor for me when contemplating my favourite brand is the message and person behind it.”


My passion for skincare is something that has been with me from a rather young age and was only strengthened by my CIDESCO beauty therapy training. One of my reasons for the choice of my course was because I know myself how much better I feel when my skin is on top form and how much I enjoy playing around with different products and ingredients. There was nothing I wanted more than to pursue my passion as a career and be able to help give people confidence in their skin and see themselves as beautiful. So, for me, Charlotte Tilbury is a big inspiration of mine and someone who, (both herself and her products!) I will always dream of working with. Firstly, she prioritises skincare and has the ideology that beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin… which I swear by religiously.

“It is a brand that defines luxury, both to look at and to work with on the skin.”

A big game changer for the brand was the Magic Cream itself, which Charlotte Tilbury actually created by her own blend of ingredients, before it was even released. I think the thing I love most about the name was that it was actually branded ‘magic’ by an endless list of supermodels who used to always want Charlotte as their makeup artist because of her ‘magic cream’ and the way she made their skin look… flawless, airbrushed, but somehow always enhancing their beauty but being sure to never change it. If you watch a Charlotte Tilbury makeup tutorial, you will see that it’s the little things that make her brand different (I love that she shows a before and after picture of the model, being sure to always have the phrase ‘beautiful before, beautiful after’). The brand is all about making you feel confident in your skin and like I said, this is one of my reasons for training in beauty therapy. Charlotte Tilbury is a brand that doesn’t just follow the trends, it has its priorities right. The products are always created with the skin in mind, for example, the Magic Foundation isn’t just there to cover up blemishes, etc. it contains specially formulated ingredients to actually benefit the skin, understanding that even without makeup, we want to look radiant. So, I’ll start with some of my favourites from my makeup collection now, otherwise this post is going to be miles long!


First up is the Magic Foundation, I am in the shade 6 and it matches my skin perfectly. It isn’t cakey, makes my skin still look like skin and also has SPF 15 which is a big bonus for me. It controls my oily areas well but also makes my skin look radiant and is a really good everyday foundation, particularly if you like good coverage.

This is the Beach Stick in Moon Beach and I use this one as a cream blush. First of all, this smells unreal, it has a chocolate scent and just adds to the luxury of using it! This shade is a really pretty coral nude and it makes the skin look glowy, without being glittery. It just adds the perfect touch of colour to the cheeks and blends beautifully over foundation, I use this one all the time!

This is the Filmstar Bronze and Glow and I believe this was one of the first original contour duo that everyone went crazy for. The contour shade is perfect for a subtle everyday contour, that you can also build up for a more intense look. The highlight is a gorgeous pearly gold shade and always blends in effortlessly with your foundation, creating more of a natural highlight but can also be built up, particularly if you pair it with this next product…

Now this Hollywood Contour Duo and Complexion brush are relatively new purchases for me (you can see my first impressions of them here). However, the more I use them, the more I love them. I feel like they require a few uses to find out the perfect way to apply them to your face but when you find the way thats suited for you… you really are on your way to achieving that Hollywood glow. I always apply this duo first and then apply the Filmstar Bronze and Glow over the top to almost set the product and create a more intense look. I guarantee you will fall in love with the Beauty light wand!

Next up is the Bar of Gold. Now, as you can see, this highlight is intense and is extremely pigmented. For some, this may be too much but I love this because, (clues in the name) I’m all about achieving that glow! I also love using this one as an eyeshadow for a gorgeous bronzed look and it really works well with brown eyes. The packaging on this is also so cute and feels so luxurious.

This is the Instant Eye Palette and is quite a new product that has been launched. Firstly, the packaging is insane, it looks so beautiful and makes such a lovely gift. However, this has also become my go to eye palette and I always use it for a natural everyday eye (my favourite shade for everyday is the orangey shade in the ‘desk eye’ look). I love that they are so pigmented and that the shimmers aren’t just made with thick glitter, they look beautiful on the eyes and blend effortlessly. This palette is also so helpful because it has four different looks, from desk to disco and day to date, there is a look for every occasion and this palette would suit a range of people, making every eye colour pop.

Now on to mascaras. I have tried both the Full Fat Lashes and Legendary Lashes mascara and I love them both for different reasons/occasions. For me and my lashes, the Legendary Lashes is a lot more dramatic and intense, I find it to be slightly darker and it really adds volume and draws attention to your eyes. However, for every day, I usually find myself reaching for the Full Fat Lashes. This is because it isn’t as thick and I find it adds length and curl to my lashes, whilst making them still look natural. As you can see by the brushes, the Full Fat Lashes does a better job at separating each lash, however, it really does depend on how you like your lashes to look with mascara, if you want that false eyelash effect every day then why not!

This is the Legendary Brows gel and is my lifesaver! My brows are very dark and thick and my brow hairs are very long and unruly so I have to be careful with my choice of brow product. I often opt for brow gels and this one is tinted and suits my eyebrow colour perfectly. The brush is also so fine and effortlessly covers every brow hair, whilst brushing each one into place, as well as making sure they don’t move!


Lastly are the Matte Revolution lipsticks in Pillow Talk and Very Victoria. I adore these lipsticks as they give a gorgeous matte finish, making your lips look plump but are not drying in the slightest. They go on so smoothly and make your lips feel so soft and they smell lovely! They are both in the nude shade range. Very Victoria is a more brownish nude and Pillow Talk is a pinky nude. Pillow Talk is so popular and is nearly always sold out because it suits everyone and just looks so beautiful with any makeup look, whilst enhancing your natural lip colour. I love these lipsticks and can’t wait to add some more to my collection!

If you’ve got this far… thank you so much for reading! I hope to see you back again soon!

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