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Caring For The Skin From The Inside, Out

Nadia CurtisComment
Caring For The Skin From The Inside, Out

Being the self confessed skincare addict that I am, I always look for new ways in which I can care for my skin and create a naturally radiant complexion. I often wonder to myself how I can care for my skin in other ways, aside from all the lotions and potions that fill up my drawers! I always get so excited when I try out a new brand or product (post coming on this soon!) However, when I was looking through some of my favourite beauty sites the other evening, I came across some products that are enabling us to look after our skin in new ways…. from the inside, out. I thought I would do a post on the things that caught my eye and ones that I am excited to eventually try out!


First up is this Glow Inner Beauty Powder by The Beauty Chef. This product was designed by Carla Oates who follows the ideology that ‘Beauty begins in the belly’ and portrays this throughout her product range. This is a superfood supplement to create that healthy glow inside and out and also helps with a healthy digestive system. It can be mixed with water, in a smoothie or with some foods and is also lactose, dairy and sugar free.



Next from the same brand is this Collagen Inner Beauty Boost which is a daily vitamin to help maintain skins elasticity and suppleness. I personally think that you are never too young or it is never ‘too late’ to start taking care of your collagen levels, it is extremely important as it has a big impact on the way your skin both looks and feels. This can also be mixed with water and creates plump, radiant looking skin. In the range there is also an Antioxidant Boost and Hydration Boost.


“I always look for new ways in which I can care for my skin and create a naturally radiant complexion.”

Next is this Beauty Dust from Moon Juice. Now it is no secret that I am a sucker for good packaging and a good product name! What more could you want from a product that is actually called ‘Beauty Dust’?! This product is full of various vitamins and minerals and is designed to create both glowy skin and luminous, shiny hair. They also have a lot of other variations of this product such as the ‘Dream Dust’ and ‘Power Dust’.


Finally I thought I would add a product that I stumbled across a few months ago and have been taking pretty much everyday since. I think that this brand made me start to think of other ways I could care for my skin from the inside and I will continue to add these to my routine. They are the ConVits and are designed to give you your daily vitamin intake, conveninetly, rather than having ten different tubs of vitamins on your shelves! You can take the quiz to find the pack that’s right for you or, if you already know your concerns, you can create your own pack and pick each vitamin you would like to include. I currently have The Beauty Pack but am looking to add some more vitamins to my daily intake. You can either subscribe to the website and pay monthly so you can be sure to never miss a day or you can order in your own time. I think that this brand is a really helpful idea which makes taking vitamins a lot more ‘convenient’ and the packets are really easy to just take with you on the go. They are really well priced when you work out how much they would be to buy seperate tubs and I also love that they come with four handy bags to symbolise each week… as you can see, I’m halfway through mine!


I hope you enjoyed reading this post! If you did I will link my Youtube channel if you’re interested in seeing more from me!

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